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Association Management Services

The expression, "You can't have it all," doesn't fit when it comes to association management services provided by IMI Association Executives Inc. When an association retains an experienced and talented AMC, members can anticipate a full range of services, delivered by a professional staff, and pay only for the time and talent required. Each association client has a dedicated executive director with support staff, but an association management company (AMC) insures uninterrupted service at all levels.

As non-profit organizations strive to offer high-level services to their members, made difficult by a shrinking pool of volunteers, the need for an efficient and effective management alternative has become critical. A full-time staff, physical space, office equipment and the associated responsibilities may not be financially feasible.

An AMC is based on the concept of shared resources. Your association can depend on needed staff support, but only when it is needed. Associations enjoy the best of both worlds - the professional expertise of association management specialists, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff.

Above all, the identity of the association is maintained with most members never recognizing that the association does not have its own full-time staff.

Association management services include, but are not limited to……

General Administrative Services

Maintenance of records and files
Office management
Financial management and accounting
Public relations
Government relations
Liaison with related organizations
Website design and maintenance
Database management

Direct Membership Services

Periodic publications
Membership dues/assessments
On-going communication
Policy statements, position papers

Board/Committee Meetings

Site selection
Agenda and reports
Minutes and follow-up
Maintenance of permanent records books
Continuity of leadership

Annual Meetings and Conferences

Site selection and contract negotiation
Sleeping accommodations, function space, food and beverage arrangements
News releases
Pre-event agenda
Registration services

If there are other services of interest to an association, just call IMI Association Executives Inc. at 800.729.2776. Associations can have it all!

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Convention/Exposition Management

All IMI Association Executives Inc.'s clients incorporate convention/exposition management services into their service package. There are times, however, when an association needs help with a convention, trade show or annual meeting on a one-time basis, or as a separate annual service. IMI Association Executives Inc. is available for a one-time project or year-after-year.

IMI Association Executives Inc. account executives will help plan the budget, making the use of an AMC affordable for almost any event. IMI Association Executives Inc.'s contribution can be limited or comprehensive, with all agreement customized to fit the needs of the individual client.

IMI Association Executives Inc. handles…

Site Selection

Hotel properties and convention centers
Contract negotiations


Floor plans
Exhibitor prospectus
Exhibitor prospect lists
Sub-contractor services
Promotion and sales of exhibit space
On-site management


Theme development
Attendance promotions
Convention housing
Social, recreational activities
Sponsorship development
Educational programs, speakers
Pre-registration packets
Name badges
On-site registration
On-site exhibit management

Financial Accountability

Annual audit
Accounts receivable and payable


Press releases
Planning meetings

When an exposition or convention project becomes too much for one, or many, to handle, IMI Association Executives Inc. can manage the load professionally and profitably.

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Meeting Planning Services

Every organization, at one time or another, needs to set up a meeting or stage a special event. When that happens, someone on staff often gets that assignment, with little experience and no understanding of the multiplicity of details involved.

Call on IMI Association Executives Inc. to take over such tasks and know that every aspect of the event can be managed with a single phone call, fax or e-mail.

IMI Association Executives Inc. has experience planning meetings for as few as five to as many as 3,000 people. A hands-on approach and personal commitment to the client are keys to continued success.

Over the years, IMI Association Executives Inc. has managed more than one…..

Committee Meeting
Open House
Board of Directors Meeting or Outing
Executive Retreat
Legislative Reception
Awards Ceremony
Strategic Planning Session
Golf Tournament

Where there is a meeting problem, IMI Association Executives Inc. has the solution.

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